Intern Spotlight: Faustina Owusu

Intern Spotlight: Faustina Owusu

“One thing that really stuck out to me, based on the images I saw and based on their mission, was how close employees at EverQuote are,” said Faustina Owusu, a software engineer intern at EverQuote. “Not only that but their values too. A lot of them stuck out to me because I could relate to them.”

Faustina, a student at Clark University in Worcester, MA, has been interning at EverQuote since June. As a software engineer intern, she has gotten to work on some projects that have helped expand her skills.

“Some of the projects I have gotten to work on include adding new features to GOAT, EverQuote’s internal metrics tracking system, and more on the backend so working on data platform repositories,” said Faustina. “As well as talking to stakeholders and making sure that the projects I am working on meets their needs.”

Faustinas’s favorite project, though, has been the one where the impact her project has helps others.

“My favorite project was working on a lot of react GOAT tickets, so updating the user interface for GOAT because for that one, I could visually see what I am doing,” said Faustina. “Not only that but I know the majority of the company is going to be using that, so to be able to add new features that will help and benefit others is something I enjoy.”

Besides the projects she works on, a typical day for her includes meetings with her team.

“A typical day for me includes standups, which we have from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. or sometimes a little bit over depending on what issues people are having. After that, my day to day differs,” said Faustina. “It is different each day. It’s not all the same. Sometimes I have more meetings one day compared to others. Or other days I'm working on projects.”

And even with a remote internship, she was still able to enjoy her internship experience and get to know her team members.

“Overall, based on my internship experience, I enjoyed it so far. And given the circumstances of working remotely, the internship has gone pretty well, said Faustina. “We [her team] have weekly Friday unwinds or demos. That’s my favorite part because I get to see my team and get to see just who they are.”

After interning at EverQuote for three months, Faustina offers advice based on her own experiences.

“Advice I would give is be you during the interview process. Not only that, but don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help. During my interview process there was a moment when I was stuck. One of the questions they had asked me, I didn’t fully understand it so I asked for clarifications,” said Faustina. “So my advice would be if you don’t know something let them know that you don’t know or ask for clarifications”

And she encourages those thinking about a career at EverQuote to apply.

“For those who are thinking of coming or applying to EverQuote, apply. It’s amazing,” said Faustina. “Especially as a college graduate, everyone is super friendly and it is such an amazing company culture.”