For five years prior to working for EverQuote I held a similar position, and although I found it to be rewarding, in early 2021 I felt the need for a change, a new challenge and a chance to broaden my horizons, which is when I began looking for a new role.

With this in mind I decided to interview for EverQuote, where I developed further my understanding of the role, the team and if I felt it would be a good fit.

While speaking with the team through interviews one thing attracted me more than anything else, that being the ability to influence meaningful change within the company. As EverQuote is still growing, I would be working as part of a smaller team that would have the ability to impact the company's direction going forward. For me, this meant working with Cloud Architecture and developing internal tools that could help with efficiency, reliability and scalability. This ability to shape and create change going forward is what convinced me to move into the role.

So if you’re looking for somewhere where you can help shape a company's directory and make a real difference towards the success of a growing business, then I highly recommend joining the EverQuote team: