Would you like to join EverQuote’s Developer Experience (DX) Team?

Would you like to join EverQuote’s Developer Experience (DX) Team?

Are you interested in working for a fun, fast growing company that puts YOU first? Well, if you are, you are in the right place!

At EverQuote, we currently have 18 teams working within our engineering organization. Whilst the Cloud Engineering (CE) team is responsible for the our base cloud infrastructure and tooling (ex: Shared Kubernetes cluster), they cannot do everything on their own.

Cue the Developer Experience (DX) team!

We spoke with Principal Software Engineer, Andrew Hiles, to learn more about the open role we have on the Developer Experience team - Principal Software Engineer, with a focus in developer tooling.

The DX team is focused on evaluating best practices in application development by providing a solid "Delivery Pipeline" otherwise known as "The Paved Path" at EverQuote.  Examples of products that the DX team are responsible for are reference implementations for Golang and Node.js, reusable constructs for cloud infrastructure using CDK patterns and Terraform modules, SonarQube static code analysis, and GitHub Actions reusable components and tooling.

“The team's mission is to keep developers happy, empowered and efficient. The role involves working with a small team of talented engineers focussed on delivering valuable tooling and capabilities to the 100+ engineers currently working at EverQuote. As it stands, there are 17 engineering teams that we consider our customers,” said Andrew.

“We meet with teams to offer expertise and create patterns for different software challenges they might face. One of the biggest benefits of this job is the technical engagement. You will be learning and growing constantly here and I believe that keeps staff satisfied. Aside from that, the company offers a very competitive salary, a fantastic bonus scheme, hybrid working with a wide range of benefits such as private healthcare, extended maternity & paternity leave, income protection, life insurance and a WFH allowance.”

Specific skills we are looking for in a candidate include:

  • Cloud experience, preferably AWS
  • Understanding of the various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Understanding of Terraform, Cloudformation, AWS CDK

And some projects you will be working on include:

  • Streamlining CI/CD pipelines with tooling (static code analysis, contract testing, canary release, feature flagging, etc).
  • Creating reference project implementations to scaffold new projects for teams.
  • Working on a wide range of security initiatives to ensure secure delivery across the engineering organization.
  • Piloting new technologies (New Relic is a recent example).
  • Performing analysis of various commercial tools.

“Working in a team like Developer Experience means the job is never complete, there will always be ways to improve the tools and patterns we offer to the engineering organization,” said Andrew. “If you have an appetite for pioneering organizational change and helping improve developers' day-to-day work, then this is a position that you might consider.”

EverQuote is filled with talented, intelligent and caring individuals and we provide tremendous opportunities for growth and for employees to tap into their creativity.

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